Steve Aoki, Grammy-nominated DJ, record producer, fashion and music executive, and Vision Street Wear have partnered to bring VSW to a new generation. Steve is the ultimate #visionary being one of the first DJs to ignite the EDM revolution and a leader in the fashion and streetwear industry.

“I was drawn to Vision Street Wear from an early age, when I was just coming onto the music and skate scene. For me the brand represented a lifestyle that fused the world of music, art, fashion and skateboarding.” – Steve Aoki


In 1976, skateboarding was undergoing transformational changes that would forever shape the sport and its culture. Skate parks were popping up across the United States and the invention of urethane wheels opened the door for innovative new tricks and techniques.

With the rise of this sub-cultural revolution, Vision Street Wear was born. With an ever-growing presence on vert ramps throughout the country, Vision Street Wear quickly became the brand of choice for the sport’s most influential athletes.

Tapping into the authentic skate scene, Vision Street Wear represented some of the sport’s most recognizable skaters at the time, including Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters and Mark Rogowski.


Vision Street Wear bridged the gap between the worlds of fashion, skate and music with its “Skate Escapes,” which featured performances from popular bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A much anticipated head-to-head battle between Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi unfolded at Vision Street Wear Skate Escape in 1988, showcasing contrasting styles and resulting in a career defining victory for Tony Hawk.

The competitions were a launching pad for some of the sport’s most successful and iconic competitors.


Vision Street Wear re-defined skate and street style with its use of bold, in your face graphics on its skate decks, t-shirts and sneakers. The use of bright colors and hypnotic patterns are un-mistakingly synonymous with the brand.

The Psycho Stick, Aggressor and Gator Pro Model remain some of the most loved and well-respected symbols of innovative design throughout the history of social skateboarding 40 years later.